The McCool Property covers an area of 1770 hectares and is comprised of one 275 hectare mining lease plus claim cells located in the southern part of McCool Township, 85km east of Timmins, Ontario, with Highway 101 situated on the south boundary of McCool Property. McLaren Resources holds a 100 percent interest in the property.

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The McCool property is underlain by a sequence of ultramafic to mafic volcanics with intercalated felsic volcanic and interflow sedimentary rocks. Intrusive rocks in the area include the McCool Hill Complex, a large layered mafic-ultramafic sill, small felsic syenitic stocks, a distinctive (and often anomalously auriferous) porphyritic biotite syenite dike, and narrow (generally less than l m in width) biotite lamprophyre dikes. This geology has been deformed by the McCool synformal structure, and strained by the Centre Hill Fault. This fault is a complex, anastomosing network strain deformation in excess of 300m wide. In close proximity lies the junction of the Contact, Pipestone and Porcupine Destor Deformation Zones which have been intruded by a series of felsic and mafic intrusives and overprinted by a series or structural linears. Hydrothermal alteration is pervasive throughout this geologically and structurally permissive area with gold mineralization on the property associated with quartz veins hosted in strongly altered volcanics and syenite.